Sunday, December 06, 2009

the glamorous life of a dancer.

Today concluded our studio rehearsals for the Nutcracker. Yesterday was Cast A (Friday + Sunday shows) full run through, but company members were there for 9 hours. This picture is the chaos and splendor that happens during "full run through" weekend. Call me crazy, but I love spending a full day in the studio. It's probably because I feel like you could always use more practice. No matter how ready you feel, I always think that it doesn't hurt to rehearse it two or three more times. Actually, I would prefer to. Muscle memory. It also gives you more time to choreograph where you should breathe. One thing that I learned over the summer (through all the tough Balanchine variations I learned) is that you have to choreograph where you're going to take one huge big gasp of oxygen. Maybe it's before that huge maneg of piqué turns. Before that long diagonal of saut de chats. Figure it out because it will make your dancing more fluid and prevent you from passing out on stage.
Both Pedro and I were quite happy with how I did with Dewdrop yesterday. But like I said, I definitely could feel like I could rehearse a good five or seven or billion more times.

This year, my seven year old brother is joining me for his first Nutcracker. He is the very important bunny soldier that bangs on the drum to call all the other toy soldiers. And I just giggled to think that I was once that small and just a little soldier in Battle Scene. It seems ages ago that I was doing my first Nutcracker. My first Nutcracker established my dream role of Nutcracker: Arabian Coffee. My first Nutcracker, I watched the Arabian soloist and dreamt of that role. So far, I've done almost every divertissment except my dream one. I'm hoping that next year (my senior year! yikes!) I'll finally be able to land the part of Arabian Coffee.
I think all my years of dancing on these two little feet have caught up on me. I've never really had problems with my feet + pointe shoes until this year. I've had crazy blisters, tendonitis, and purple bruised toenails. And as dancers, we have to learn how to save ourselves. Whether it's finished fouettes early to save a twisted ankle or being just a hair late on music to get that jump just right and safe. I still haven't decided whether I like to save myself or have someone save me, just one time. I have found salvation in Orajel, bandaids, 2nd skin, and squishy toe tape. And it's always going to be me to mend my own wounds. however, I just hope that one day, maybe someday soon, I'll find someone who will save me and mend my cracked little heart. That would be nice.

Of course, Friday was the Dicken's of a Christmas performance. It was 40 degrees winter weather outside, and we had our cute little costumes on with peacoats, scarves, and gloves on to stay warm. We took shelter in a bar right next to the stage (Note to self: Don't ever go to a bar in a red spandex body suit). We kept our coats on until the last minute, but that didn't seem to do much because well, it was cold. And let's just say our little dancer boobs were especially cold, so they wanted the whole audience to know. But before our boobies made their own show, we had a crowd lined up all the way to the market square. Just to help you visualize how many people that is, imagine maybe half of the length of your school. Okay, I might be exaggerating a little, but I can't really think of a good comparison...regardless, it was a lot of people.
And Kelts and the rest of the Rockettes: I have failed you. I messed up the kickline. My mom recorded it, and I was planning on putting it up on here, but since I messed up, it's ruined. I'm so was the last time we were performing it this year, too! How could I?!

Well, at least we landed front page of the Star Sentinel.

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That first picture is absolutely great. Looks like my studio. Looks like home. :)