Monday, December 07, 2009


And so it begins...Nutcracker Theatre Week '09.
Magic happens at the theatre. That's all I have to say. And this theatre is my favorite one to perform at. It's such a large stage, and the house where the audience sits is even bigger. It's like your own world in there. Anything can happen. And magical things will happen while we're here. I can feel it.

Tonight was just Act II. And I think the stress of theatre week has finally gotten to Pedro, as well to all of us. We're all jet gluing and spray painting pointe shoes here and there. Taping toes and sewing shoes and costumes last minute. And most of us have to squeeze in time for homework in between dances. I proposed the idea that school should let out for Nutcracker week. I'm working on the petition for it to happen. Because we would really appreciate that.

As my feet sit in buckets of ice water, I ponder...
-sometimes the non-creepy looking guys are the creepy ones
-orajel is SERIOUSLY my best friend at the moment.
-flowers was a disaster. Typical.
-do the Rockettes warm up to Christmas music? Because we do.
-Thank you, Cha cha.
-nice to see you again, Humping Chair.
-I'd like a onesie by Friday morning. Thanks.

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