Friday, December 11, 2009

school show

Today was the glorious school performance. We performed for over 2,200 school kids. The school show is one of my favorites because the kids are going to love you no matter what. You screw up a pirouette they're going to love you. Forget a step, they'll love you even more. The innocence of it all just makes me feel better and makes the show run so much smoother! I was a Marzipan today, and although I didn't feel like I was on my game today, everyone said that I did fine. Good to know that I'm not as bad as I think I am.

Tonight I went to Dicken's of a Christmas to snuggle up with some friends. It was absolutely freezing, but I just loved being surrounded by everything Christmas. I remember every year, my family would take a road trip up to New York and spend a couple days walking around and admiring it in all its Christmas splendor. It makes me very sad that we won't be going again this year, so all I can do is dream about the beautiful Rockefeller Center and flashing Times Square all through the Christmas season...

I'm about to drop dead, but...
-My magic was at its highest today. I succeeded at making my alternate for Dewdrop get all her fouettes.
-I love walking out of the theatre with my face smelling like a baby's butt and looking like I have severe dandruff.
-I met a homeless man named Victor Jones today. He hugged me then proceeded to go to a bar to celebrate catching up with some old "friends" (me and the people I was with).
-Vacuuming my basement today was the worst thing ever. Dead bugs in the corner are never a good thing.
-Just a warning: I look VERY different without all my stage makeup and hair pulled back. It may surprise some people.
-I think I have found him. He started dancing when I didn't feel like it. He's perfect.

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