Saturday, December 19, 2009

snow snow snow.

"snow doesn't give a soft white damn whom it touches."--e.e. cummings

I woke up this morning feeling extremely lazy and apathetic. I didn't get out of my bed until about an hour I woke up. Rehearsal and the company Christmas party were cancelled due to the snow. Yesterday, my dad's truck got stuck in a ditch and some nice neighbors helped him get out of the nasty white mess. My mom is going to bake them some bread rolls for Christmas. We got out of school early yesterday because of the blizzard rolling in. The forecast called for 10-15", but it looks like we're going to get just under two feet of snow. Beautiful. I love the snow, and this is truly the perfect way to start winter break. Lazy. Snowy. And Rice Krispy Treat baking-y.

I posted the Christmas song that I wrote on my Music Myspace - Let me know what you guys think about it! It was totally on a whim since I was snowed in from going out last night. Also, I'm going to use the snow as an excuse to not finish this history paper. As well as good music. I've been listening to Christina Perri, Zee Avi, and Lykke Li all day. It's been a good day.

so tell me when you hear my heart stop
you're the only one that knows.


coldinthed said...

Not trying to be mean, but after reading a ton of your blogposts, I noticed something.

You try way to hard to be someone you are not.

Stop trying to be Keltie. You are your own person.

It's not even the dancing thing because that is just a coincidence, you both just happen to dance.

But everything else is just a carbon copy.

And it's not even that you are similar, its just blatantly obvious that you are trying so hard to be her.

Your 16, you are still young. You two are on totally different maturity levels. You may think you are so mature (believe me I was your age before)and I thought I was 20-ish or something, but indeed I was not.

This isn't a hate message. In fact I think you seem like a really cool girl who has her head on her shoulders and knows what she wants in life, and from the looks of it,you seem really good at dance.

Please don't be offended. This is just a 'trend' I guess you could call it, that I see in your blog.

Imy B said...

Now, I feel the urge to say some things to counteract some of what has been said in these comments.

Bria, you are your own person. If following your dreams and your heart suddenly makes you a "carbon copy" of someone like Keltie, then it could be worse. Just be thankful you're being compared to someone so awesome. You and Keltie have that in common, you are both awesome. But you are also different and unique.

Just be yourself, dear. Who is anyone to tell you that you aren't being yourself. Don't let these little things get you down. Rise above it. You are great, just the way you are. Chin up, and smile. There are people who've got your back.


A Paper said...

Dear Bria,

Don't listen to that person. You are your own unique person!

Sure you may resemble her, but that's a great thing because she is a great person and so are you!

You are not a carbon copy! You are awesome.

bria ballerina said...

Thanks for your input. But I just want to say that I cannot be a carbon copy of Keltie because she is far more successful than I. And what's so wrong with following in her footsteps? We all aspire for something. I'm not trying to fight back, just trying to point out the differences. :)

Thanks you guys. You're the best.