Wednesday, December 09, 2009


I look like such a hot mess in this picture. But it looks a lot like this one. Dark circles under my eyes. Chills. Stomach hurting. The truth is: I'm making myself sick. I wasn't feeling very well at all today at school, so I went to the nurse. She said that I didn't have a fever at all, but I that I was suffering from sleep deprivation. If school wasn't so tough this year, it wouldn't be a problem. I'm not going to school tomorrow so that I can sleep and rest my tired little body...
-I completely blanked out during snow. Curs├ęd tummy ache.
-my mother went on a wild goose chase for a pair of emergency pointe shoes for me. She has failed to find a pair. But she hasn't failed at being a wonderful mother. Not at all. Thanks, Mum.
-Will be the last time I ever think about putting safety pins in my pointe shoes. They're deadly. Like little spears.
-Pedro laid his head in my lap, and I rubbed his belly. I've have never felt a better connection.
-I couldn't stop giggling. Thank you.
-My Marzipan tutu was really perky and decided to stick up in the back. Who wants my phone number?
-The stage hands need to turn up the heat backstage. We may be snowflakes, but we don't want to be frozen.
-As you sip on your hot cocoa with the little marshmellows, you will think of me.

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