Tuesday, December 08, 2009


Today was just Act I at the theatre. Which meant a lot of sitting around for me since I'm only a snowflake. I really miss doing party scene. A party girl was one of my first roles in Nutcracker, and it's such a fun part to do. Lots of acting. Which I'm pretty good at.
I enjoyed watching my precious little brother be the Rabbit soldier and call all the other little soldiers onstage. The best part was watching him work the cannon (a fire extinguisher in a wooden cannon looking thing). He is beyond excited, and I'm so happy to have him backstage with me this year.

I feel like I'm going to pass out even before I can even ice my feet. But just a few things to close out this blog:
-I suck at knitting. I started a muk-luk pattern and half of it has already unraveled. FML.
-am I think only one who knows my marks for snow?! Because I was on the right mark today, but everyone else was on a different one so it made me look wrong. But actually I was right.
-I'm a pretty good gift wrapper.
-Go look up the great list of phobias. It's fantastic.
-I tried sleeping during rehearsal tonight. Didn't work.
-You've done it once again, Cha cha.
-I really hope to see you this week. I have something to tell you.
-The great mole rat = an obscure and mysterious mole rat that takes presence in the rituals and practices of many underground cults esp. in the etc

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