Sunday, January 17, 2010

bad idea.

Yesterday was my first company rehearsal of the year! (I didn't go last week because of my church retreat...)
And for being gone for just one weekend, I missed a lot!! The next couple of weeks are going to be extremely fast paced due to our upcoming show on the 30th. And I can't afford to miss anymore rehearsals this month.

The girls have already learned most of the Girlfriends dance from Coppelia, and I had to catch up. It was a little difficult since everyone already knew what they were doing except me, but good thing we all love each other in the company because if they hadn't helped me, I still wouldn't know any of the choreography. While we were rehearsing, I started reminiscing about the last time I did Coppelia with the company...
I was in 8th grade!! I was a junior company member and tiny as could be. I danced the Mazurka with the senior company members, so I felt special. That was only 3 years ago, but it seems like it was ages ago. Just goes to show how far someone can go in a few years. How much someone can grow. How much someone can change. How much a company as a whole can grow and expand. I can't help but think of these performances being one of my last with the company whenever I'm at rehearsal. But at least I know that I'll dance away from this company getting absolutely everything I could out of it. Because I'll be ready for that crazy place we call the dance world.

Tomorrow I'm auditioning for Alonzo King's LINES Ballet. I'm going to have to get up at 5am on a day off from school to make it to DC on time. I was recommended LINES Ballet by Pedro when I had my parent-teacher conference with him on Friday. He said all the usual stuff about me accepting every challenge and rising above it. That's what I'm all about. He said that he's going to help me every step of the way in my college process. Anything I need, I could go to him which is the most comforting thing a teacher could ever offer. But then he had a surprise for me...
John + I are going to represent the company at another school's dance recital! Another local dance school asked our company to perform a dance in their recital this year, and Pedro chose the pas de deux with John and me! I feel so honored, and this was a great surprise for both John and I. I think it's because we work well together. We are familiar with the way each of us move seperately and together, and that's what makes a good partnership. In the dance world. And out.

As this night comes to an end, I'm frantically finishing my resume of mine for the audition tomorrow. I feel so dumb because I've never written a resume before! Also, I have to write a Letter of Intent that describes my aspirations as a dancer and artist. I think that was my favorite part. It gave me a chance to prove to them that I am here to work and that I have big dreams. And the only way to reach those dreams is to start somewhere. And maybe that somwhere is with their summer program or company. And it was a bad idea to stay up this late...

But here's to you, amazing followers!! I'm off to my first audition!!

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