Tuesday, January 12, 2010


It has arrived, my friends. And there's nothing more I can do than study and hope for the best. Yesterday was my Calculus exam. It was the one I was most worried about, and it still is even after I've taken it. I'm such a math nerd, but I am the worst test taker.
Today I had my photography exam, which I freaked out about for nothing because I got a 107 on it. Yippee.
Tomorrow I've got Chemistry + US History. And Thursday is Spanish + English. So if I'm taking a little break from zee blog for the rest of the week to get cracking on those books. Or at least trying to.

Starting tomorrow, everyday I'm going to text message someone random in my contacts "good morning". I'm all about spreading love and happiness to every around me, and I know that it's always the little things that are the best. I hope I'm the difference that makes a good day from a bad day.

Back to my face glued to the periodic table of elements...

PS. I guess I should set a deadline for this banner thing. I've gotten a few amazing entries already, so thanks to all that have sent them in! I'll make the deadline January 30. Why? Just because.

PPS. I'm feeling a little lonely today.


Alex said...

Buena Suerte.

does that help you study for spanish??

hahaha, i hate exam week, like you call it.

it stresses me out. but i try.

good luck in everything else!!!!!!

Cortney said...

Christina Perri = <3