Wednesday, January 20, 2010

keltie colleen.

"we are show people and show people always get up, brush themselves off, and make magic." - keltie colleen

You all know her. Because we all know that you wouldn't be here on my blog if it wasn't for her. TRUE STORY: the day she started following my blog, I cried. It was seriously one of the happiest days of my life.

People may say I'm obsessed with her or that I'm a carbon copy of her, but they are both impossible because 1. there is a big difference between "obsessed" + "admiring" and 2. you can never ever EVER carbon copy Keltie Colleen. Period.

Keltie Colleen is the quirky inspiration and breath of fresh air that we all need every day. She has taught all of us that we can have icky days, but that those icky days should never define or get in the way of our perfect days. Keltie has particularly taught me that my chances are just as great as anyone else's in this crazy dance/show biz world. I like to think of her as my mentor that always seems to be there even though she isn't. She has given me hope for my big big big dreams, and she has brought out the fearless heart in my chest and the courage, passion, and hardwork in my short legs and little feet.

She has taught me that heartbreak is something that is going to hurt no matter how hard you try to avoid it. But it is also something that I will definitely live through. She has reminded me that honesty is the best policy, and that pups, hot tea, books, and snuggies are the perfect equation for a night in. She has taught me that the things that you work most hard for are the only things worth having in life. She believes life, peace, true love, and dreams, and it made me realize that I'm not the only one who does. She has taught me that beauty starts within and it still counts if you look like a dork on the outside. And I can honestly say that I would not be here without her.

Keltie has shown me what it's like to inspire and be inspired. Sometimes I wonder why people look up to me so much, and I feel so blessed and honored to be such a person to several.

As much as I'd like to follow in her exact footsteps, I've got my own journey to create. I have my own story to write and share with everyone. Starting with you.

I know Keltie as a dancer, choreographer, blogger, book-reader, diet coke-drinking, high kicking, clothing designer, teacher, dreamer, lover, fighter, human, and friend.

So if you didn't already know here's her blog. Follow it.
Here's her twitter page. Follow her.
Here's her OFFICIAL Facebook fan page. Add her!

So here's to Ms. Keltie Colleen + her fearless army!!

PS. Kelts, when will I ever meet you?

PPS. #270598270349587348 reason why we love Keltie: she will dance with anyone. including the makeup artist.

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