Saturday, January 30, 2010

more snow.

The only time that I don't want it to snow, it snows!! The company show and fun-filled, audition weekend trip to Maryland with my best friend has been cancelled due to the foot of snow that has fallen upon this city. But rather than moping around like I intended to when I woke up this morning, I took advantage of being snowed in the house. I baked cookies. I played some guitar. I worked on choreography. I practiced my variation.

Which reminds me! I forgot to mention to you all that I have picked out my pieces that I'm going to present for the scholarship audition that I do every year. I have chosen a Balanchine variation from "Who Cares?" that I learned this summer at the Richmond Ballet Summer Intensive and a contemporary piece that I have been working on to Paolo Nutini's "Last Request". The audition is March 7th, and I have started rehearsing with Pedro to perfect the variation. All the money that I receive through that audition will definitely help me out towards wherever I'm going this summer!

The deadline for the new banner is supposed to be tonight. But I really don't care if a few more entries trickle into my e-mail ( I haven't gotten many, but they're all great! Definitely less of a difficult decision.

I hope most of you are having a warmer, less snowy weekend than I am!
But any of you care to join me in my snuggie by the fire?


Loor said...

Wow, I feel my internship made me miss out on a lot of your posts...
But I found the time to catch up on the blogs you wrote in the last two weeks :).

First, I can tell you that I have a less snowy weekend. Only, I'd rather had a snowless weekend. I've seen enough snow for another year! I'm sick of it and I'm counting down the days to my Barcelona trip in July.
Second, congratulations on getting into the summer class!! And good luck on al the other auditions you have coming up! You deserve all the good that is coming towards you!

Love, Lore

Natalie said...

Unfortunately not, the snow has come back to where I live! I'm so sick of it now; we've only just got rid of it! We had some really bad snow a couple of weeks ago and our school was closed for the first time in 60 years.

Good luck with your auditions, I know you'll do great!

Anonymous said...

Ha, I had a super sunny weekend. :P

As you know, I had a benefit show for Haiti yesterday. It went really well! I sprained my ankle just before walking on stage but I managed to do the whole show. I can't even put my feet on the ground now though. --'

Congrats on being accepted in the summer intensive!

bria ballerina said...

Thanks all!! The snow might have ruined this weekend, but I've got another audition scheduled for next week for San Francisco Ballet!

you are just like me. I've done several shows with terrible tendonitis, but I stuck through. And even though it takes longer to heal because of dancing on it, you know it's all worth it. Especially what you've done. That's so amazing. I know you did wonderfully.


Anonymous said...

Exactly. It was too important to let a sprained ankle ruin it all!

Ps. Telling me I'm just like you is an amazing compliment <3