Monday, January 25, 2010


why can't i be optimistic?
i tried to find the logic logically.

Stress is getting to me more now than ever.

I realized tonight that I'm my biggest enemy. You're your biggest enemy. No one is harder on you than yourself. I am that perfectionist. I get so upset with myself when I don't satisfy my standards or acheive above them. I feel like I can't do anything. I always talk about the invincibility and confidence I feel when I'm dancing. But take tonight for example, I had an awful ballet class. I couldn't turn. My hips were gripping. And my damn arches are still cramping up! What am I supposed to do now? When I don't even feel great when I dance?

But I am also that optimist. And I say that icky days should be rare in your life.


PS. I know that this loneliness is temporary, but when will it finally end and someone new will come around?


Ariana said...

Hello Bria!!
My name's ariana, and I'm a big fan of yours, I've been following you for quite a while now...i've left comments before, dunno if you remember...
anyways, i was a little bored today so i started a new's basically just a blog where I'll be posting lyrics that i like with pictures or videos or something to go with it!
I know i only started today and only have like 1 entry haha but i was wondering, could you subscribe? :) that would be awesome if you did! thnx!

bria ballerina said...

Hi Ariana!!
I'm glad to hear that you've started your own blog! And it sounds like such a great idea! I will gladly follow!


Ariana said...

Thank you! you're lovely :)