Saturday, January 02, 2010


First post of 2010!!
This wonderful and jolly holiday break is coming to an end. And in all honesty, all I'm looking forward to is going back to the studio. I really need some quality time with the barre and those studio mirrors. Pointe shoes and leotards are what I'll really need within the next few days.

I spent my NYE in a dowdy outfit of a turtleneck + sweatervest. I looked dorky. But what else is new? Nevertheless, I was comfortable and ready to party. Asian style. We went over to a friend's house in the cold night, and we partied it up with crazy games including a piƱata. There were too many little kids that I didn't even get any candy from the paper mache thing. But instead, I ended up getting "drunk" on diet coke, getting wrapped up in some kind of confetti, and singing NSync on karaoke. We had more fun with sparklers, and we even found some that were about 2 feet long! Mega Sparklers! When it came time for the ball to drop, I watched the clock count down to the new year. A new decade. And I still can't believe that I've lived my first decade. But here we are in 2010! We made it!

And now that it's January, you guys know what that means!! Audition time!! For the past couple of months I've been compiling the places I'd like to go audition for. Most of them are going to be the same as last year. Except this year, there are a few colleges on the agenda.

The following are already on my schedule:
-Washington Ballet (maybe I'll remember a leo this time...)
-ABT (maybe I'll make NY this year?)
-Richmond Ballet (visit the old studios and teachers once again!)
-San Francisco Ballet
-The Ailey School (I've been told many times that I'd be perfect for Ailey)
-Atlanta Ballet
-Point Park University

There are so many possibilities for this summer, and audition time is quickly approaching!! Nervewracking + exciting as always. Hopefully I'll get the old audition gang back together, and we'll go on our auditioning adventures once again!! And hopefully I'll have my Keltie Colleen Fearless Heart gear by then, so I can be extra prepared. There's nothing like some cute and fierce dancewear to complete an anxious audition day!! Check out the sweet designs by Keltie Colleen at !!

Speaking of possibilities...this year is going to be the year of possibilities. I'm starting over with everyone. I'm staying true to my closest friends and making new ones to last forever. And I'm starting all over with the whole opposite sex deal. Not going back to anyone from my past. Everything will be brand spankin' new. Including my practice tutu that should be coming in very soon. But until then, I'll think of all the possibilities of what could be happening to it right now...
Happy New Year!

PS. This is my dear friend, Justina. She such an amazing musician and wonderful friend! She is a mini Regina Spektor, and she's going to make it big time!!


Loor said...

I have been reading your blog for a few months now and I felt like the start of 2010 would be a nice time to tell you how much I enjoy it.
I can't really pinpoint what I like about it so much. Maybe it's your passion for life. Or the honesty you seem to talk with. Or maybe I just don't want to forget what it's like to be 16. I don't really know. But there's something here that keeps me coming back for more.
So thank you, for dreaming, living and writing. Thank you for you!
And happy 2010!
Love, Lore

bria ballerina said...

Hi, Lore!
Thank you so much! It's hard to find things to write about being 16, jobless, and big dreams, but I'm so glad to hear that someone is enjoying it ;)
That was definitely one of the best and most touching comment by far. Thank you!

Happy New Year!