Tuesday, January 05, 2010

WANTED: new banner!!

don't run away if i'm not even after you, you coward.

All of you guys are seriously the bomb! I have recently gotten my 60th follower on this little blog of mine, and I was squeeling like a little girl. Oh wait, I am a little girl. The thing is, my life isn't very extravagant or special in any particular way, but it's special enough for all of you to keep following. And for me to keep writing! This is just the beginning, my friends. I promise to all of you that I will make it somewhere, someday, and this blog will still be here. Wherever my little legs + big heart take me, you all will be there with me, too!

Random blurb: I'm getting my license tomorrow. Just another stepping stone!

Back to this blog...
Today, as I checked to see if I had gotten any comments on my recent blog posts, I noticed that I've had the same banner at the top of my blog for a while now. And being someone that doesn't mind change and can't stand having something the same for too long, I wanted to change it. But I didn't know what to change it to, and I thought, I've got 60 followers now, and most of them should be photo-editing saavy right? That's right! I'm asking you guys to help me out with my banner. You guys are a big part of this blog, and I want to give you guys a chance to make it something you know that looks good.

But here's the thing, I think it would be super rad and fun to see what you guys come up with as my banner, so send me what you come up with! There is one thing that I ask all of you to do: make sure it says "bria ballerina". It is the name of the blog, after all...

I don't want to call it a contest because I don't want this to turn competitive, and everyone is a winner to me!! You all are going to come up with great stuff, I just know it! I'll most likely have trouble picking my favorite though...

Send me what you come up with to briaballerinax@gmail.com !
Have fun with this! And thanks for being the best blog followers ever!!


Loor said...

I enjoy working with photoshop and as I recently told you, I enjoy your blog very much. So I will definitely try to work something out. We are in for snow tomorrow, so I won't be going anywhere anyway. So I'll be emailing you soon :).

Also, congrats on your license! I still remember how proud I was when I got mine. And now I wouldn't be able to miss my car anymore :)!

bria ballerina said...

You are amazing! <3

I can't believe that I just got my license! It still feels like I'm not old enough, but I guess I'll just have to get used to that ;)