Saturday, February 20, 2010

making it.

Yesterday was my audition for Alvin Ailey's summer program. There were almost 70 dancers auditioning, and I was number 37. I got there early enough to stretch and prepare myself for almost an hour. There were even a couple of girls that I recognized from my LINES Ballet audition!! Nevertheless, the more people that came in, the more nervous I got. Alvin Ailey is my second choice summer program to attend, and I was really hoping to make it in.

The entire class was in the centre. It was the first time I've ever been to an audition like that! And since there were so many people auditioning, we had many different groups. It was different doing the entire audition in centre, but I did the best that I could. I pushed my extension to the limit. I made my petit allegro crisper than ever. I added an extra turn here and there. And I thought that the audition was going quite well.
Then the auditioner asked to line up in numerical order. And he started calling out numbers...when he skipped over my number, I thought: this could either mean I'm in or I'm out. He asked the numbers that he called to line up in front of him, and he said, "If I called your number, we are unable to accept you into the Alvin Ailey program at this time. You need to improve on your technique. But that doesn't mean you can't audition for next year." And I breathed a sigh of relief. I've never experienced an audition like this before. And it just contributed to the adrenaline rush. About 30 or 40 were eliminated and had to leave the studio. I tried to imagine myself in their position, and it hurt. I could be in the position of acceptance as I was yesterday, or I could be walking away someday. But that's just the way it works. You never know how things are going to end until the end.

After he made the cut, the auditioner announced that we were to roll up our tights to do the modern section of our audition. It is a modern company after all! As we were learning the combination, a former principal dancer for Alvin Ailey walked in. Her name is Linda Denise Fisher-Harrell, and that is her in that picture up there. She walked in with such grace and presence; it was both refreshing + nervewracking at the same time. To have a former principal dancer watch your audition was a chance to embarass yourself or a chance to prove yourself worthy. And let me say that I definitely messed up several times during the modern section of the audition, but I just looked over, and she was smiling. I knew that she recognized that fire in me. And that's exactly what I was going for.

The auditioner congratulated all of us that were left in the studio and said that we were all accepted into the summer program. He gave us information about checking into the university dorms and how things were going to go down when I arrive in NYC. Also, they gave me information about the BFA program partnership with Fordham University. I knew that this is where I'm going for the summer. This will give me a chance to spend time looking at Fordham University as well spend time in a city that I absolutely love!

Thanks for all your kind words you all have tweeted to me. You all are the sweetest people, and your positive vibes definitely help with my audition endeavors.

My next + last audition for this year is next Sunday in Washington D.C. for Pointpark University's summer program!!

Love love love,


maggieboo said...

congratulations!!! : )

i read your blog all the time but hardly comment, i felt that this entry was need for it though : )

bria ballerina said...

Thank you so much!! You are so sweet to me :)