Sunday, February 07, 2010

oh man, san fran...

"keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great." - mark twain

I'm finally back on my audition schedule because it was sunny outside today and the roads were in perfect condition. Thankfully the audition site wasn't too far away from where I live, just a measly 2 1/2 hours! So my father + I were on the road to UNCSA, and let me tell you...The drive was absolutely gorgeous. When the sun was just past the horizon, it hit the branches of the trees that were along the road. The branches were covered with so much ice. The way the sun hit the branches made them glitter and sparkle like they were made of silver or crystal. It made me smile. It was so beautiful.

After grabbing some crackers and Baby Bel swiss cheese a snack to hold me over until after the audition, we headed over to the studios. I got there a little early, so I sat there getting physically and spiritually ready for the audition. This includes stretching and listening to loud, pumping music. And this is when the adrenaline started mixing with the nerves today. I'm rarely nervous for auditions, but for some reason, I was particularly nervous today. I think it was because: 1. San Francisco Ballet dancers are beastly amazing and 2. I felt like the tiniest, shortest, youngest girl out of all the tall, lean, and older girls that were entering the door.

My hands were shaking as I handed the man at the registration table my headshot. But when I got my number, 1003, I saw it as a sign. Ten is my birthday date (10/10) and three is my lucky number. It made me a relax. Just a little. My hands were shaking as I pinned my number onto my leotard. My hands were shaking as I tied the ribbons on my pointe shoes. When they called us into the studio, I noticed that there were a couple of people that I had met in Richmond this past summer. And it was nice to see them again.

To be honest, the beginning of the class didn't go so smoothly. Because first of all, the teacher was a beast. He danced with ABT and (obviously) San Fran. He had the most beautiful long legs I've ever seen on man, and he had exquisite extension ending with the prettiest feet I've ever seen on a man as well. A beast, I tell you. So that intimidated me. Very much. And the way he examined me worried me that I was doing everything wrong. But that's where the whole audition turned around.

So what if I was the tiniest, shortest, and youngest girl in the audition? That doesn't mean I'm not as capable as the tall, lean, and older girls. I wanted to show him, as well as myself, that just because I'm physically little, I'm a big person. I have big dreams and a big heart. And that's all that's going to matter in the end. So that's when my piqués got a little crisper and my port de bras got a little smoother. Believe in yourself because if you won't. No one else will.

Another thing I've discovered about auditions: find that one thing that you are particularly good at. Maybe it's turning. Maybe it's balancing. Maybe it's jumping. Know your strengths. Because that's what's going to set you apart from the rest of the girls. At today's audition, the beautiful teacher gave us a crazy, Tasmanian devil fouette combination. We did it to the right side one time, and then he asked to see it again. To the right. Again.

He asked, "You ladies don't want to do it to left do you?" and I was the only one saying "yes."
He asked, "Does anyone want to do it to the left? Do I have any lefties?" All the girls were shaking their heads and saying "no".
And my hand shot up like a bullet, and I was the only one. (Just more proof that I'm out of the norm.)
But it was my chance to show him why I'm different in a sea of girls that all looked the same. And I feel like I succeeded.

So all in all, the San Francisco Ballet audition was a fun class with a great teacher that whipped my butt into shape. If I get accepted, I might consider actually going there. I feel like if I go there, I'd turn into a beast. Just like the teacher.

My father and I ended the audition trip with a dinner at Bonefish Grill. Their Bang Bang Shrimp + Tokyo Ahi Tuna. Delish.

My next audition is for Alvin Ailey (New York) at Baltimore, MD on February 19th!

So until next time, followers.
Happy dancing + auditioning,


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Alex said...

I'm barely getting into High School, and for once, I want to be someone, and a perfect way is to join Dance. It's going to be soooooooooooo much fun if I get in! I haven't actually danced in a loooooong time, and I know, pathetic, it's just a little High School team, BUT imagine yourself not dancing for 6 years. (Only on cheap wood, living room floors)

I see you got worried about being the youngest and littlest and shortest at the audition? Girl, I am a thick, 5'4, 14 year old with metal in my mouth and weird red dots on my face and I don't give a s*** about what I look like. Like you said, you have a big heart and big dreams and that's what's going to take you places.

Good Luck on ALL the auditions you have planned!!!

Love Always,

PS I live 6 hours away from San Fran...close enough? No? Okay...:D

bria ballerina said...

Alex, you are going to go far because you believe in yourself in the most inspiring way. And this is why I think you're beautiful. Don't ever underestimate what you can do physically or mentally.

You are so sweet,

Alex said...

Omg, are you trying to make me cry?
Thank you so much, your blog is the first thing I check everyday. I'm glad someone out there understands me.

Love Always,