Monday, March 29, 2010


Finally some time to just sit down, write, and catch you all up on my amazing weekend!

The first show was on Friday morning, and we all had to be at the theatre at 7 in the morning! School performances are my favorite! I just love seeing all the kids' reactions and smiles on their faces. Many of the students that attend the school performances have never seen a ballet before, so it's such a great experience for both the student and performer. Students are a true audience because they will clap and cheer for things that they like to see. And let me tell you, they applauded a lot! The energy of the audience definitely is reciprocated through the dancing, and it's such an amazing thing when the performers feed off of the audience's energy. They were such a great audience that morning, and it was such a great start to a long and promising weekend!

The next day was a long day. It started out with the Senior Company auditions. Although I've been in Senior Company for 3 years already, I still have to audition to make it fair for everyone. And I woke up that morning realizing that that company audition will be my last Company audition. High school seniors won't have to audition for company, and I'll be one of them next year. I started to tear up and feel melancholic about the whole experience. This company has taught me so much, and everyday I am thankful that I have found such an inspiring and great company that will continue to grow and breed great dancers. I know I shouldn't be talking like this just quite yet because I still have a whole year until I'm out of here, but just realizing that we all don't have much time makes things seem a little more precious. A little more valuable. So don't take anything you have for granted. For a single moment.

The first show on Saturday was at 3 o' clock, and just like we had all expected, it wasn't a very large crowd. The show went very well regardless of the size of the audience. And just like any athlete, after the show, we were all eager to eat. Wraps were catered by Elderberry's, and they are such a great sponser for us. And I definitely think we keep them in business. There wasn't much time to get ready in between the shows, but we were all ready in time for the curtain to go up at 7 o' clock. That evening was the last time I would be doing the part of one of Swanilda's Girlfriends, and let me tell you, that part is so fun. It's so much fun being able to portray a character that is all your own. For a few hours and moments you have onstage, you get to be someone different. And sadly, I think this is where I get the habit of putting on a show of someone that I'm not. I'm too good at going through life as this girl that is perpetually happy. This girl that knows how to brighten up everyone's day other than her own. This girl that can't kick people out of her life that continually hurt her. This girl that is hopeful of people that she shouldn't trust...but I frankly don't care. I learn so much about life, love, and happiness by being this girl all the time. And if that's what it takes to learn more about the things that really matter in life, then I'll continue to be this girl.

Yesterday was the final show, and everyone was in a bittersweet mood. Everyone loves this ballet, and it was so hard to see it come and go so quickly. The melancholic feeling from the company audition had lasted until the final performance. It was a bad mood to be in, but it was really hitting me this weekend that it's the beginning of a long strand of "lasts" for me and my fellow juniors.
But regardless, the performance yesterday was exquisite! We even sold more seats than we had tickets! The ticket people had to start writing on napkins! How crazy! As far as the dancing: one of my very closest friends played the lead ballerina role of Swanilda, and I'm so proud of her. Every time she dances the part, she improves and looks even more beautiful. As I was sitting onstage as a Mazurka dancer watching the wedding pas de deux, I started choking up with tears. She's a senior this year, and this was her last big performance with the company. I was holding back the tears as I watched her perform the pas the best I've ever seen her do it.

And as the curtain went down after the final bows, we were back in reality. I was back in the arms of my family, Southwest Virginia Ballet. Pedro gave a speech about how this isn't the end for our senior, but it's the beginning for all of us. And this is when several of us started bursting out into tears, we were back in reality. This whole weekend was one big, surreal experience, and nobody wanted it to end. We all smothered each other with hugs and running mascara as we all said our "goodbyes" and "thank yous" to the Pedro, the stage hands, backstage volunteers, the costume ladies, etc. etc...

Reality is reality. And sometimes your reality will seem like a fantasy, and that's when you really have to realize that you love your reality.


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