Tuesday, March 23, 2010

day number two: the hot guy lean.

yes. that is a life-size cut-out of taylor lautner.

The second night in the theatre was definitely better. Everyone was getting their marks and getting all together and just getting used to the stage. It's really coming together. It's so amazing how Pedro + a theatre + backstage moms can make for smooth rehearsals and wonderful shows (don't mean to jinx anything...)
Tomorrow consists of full hair, make-up, costumes, and lights. I still can't believe that it's time for Coppelia. It came so fast this year! It snuck up on all of us, but like I said: it wouldn't be as wonderful as it is if it weren't for that lovely equation up there.

The list:
-There is this thing called "The Hot Guy Lean". Refer to the Taylor Lautner cut-out for more information.
-Stage air is dry when you breathe it. But it's juicy when you live it.
-Larry makes the best Dr. Coppelius. Ever.
-I like butts. And I'm not the only one. A few of my girlies and I are going to start a "I Like Butts" Club.
-No. I do not need a trolley. I've got feet. Don't I?
-The Gospel According to Larry. How many of you have read it? It's pretty good. I just hate feeling like I'm allowed to be a different person on the Internet. I shouldn't have to be. I'm not. ...Am I?



Margaret said...
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maggieboo said...

mmmm taylor lautner!!

maggieboo said...

also, that was me who deleted the comment above, i was logged in to a wrong email haha