Thursday, March 11, 2010

hell week.

"a real woman may soften a man, but she will never weaken him." - unknown

That is the only version of you that I like. The softer side that you don't let other people see. That is the side of you that makes me happy and most comfortable. I know that I'm the only girl that you allow to see that side of you, and that's what I like most about you. That's the side that I like. Because otherwise, you're full of shit. And I don't like that.

Today, I sent in all my paperwork to register for the Alvin Ailey Summer Program!! I seriously can't wait to get all settled into NYC, aka my favorite city. I'll be leaving around June 19th move into Fordham University. Six weeks of intense dancing, city obsessing, discovering, and people loving will be here before I know it!! But I'm afraid that as soon as I get there, I won't be able to leave!

I must also apologize for the lack of interesting things to say for this week. It is the most stressful week of my life, I must say with a billion tons of schoolwork to do on top of taking SATs on Saturday plus another 6 hour rehearsal. With the show in about 2 weeks, there isn't any time to waste!! This weekend I'll be busy with a history paper, an English paper, other ridiculous homework assignments, packing meals for Haiti, and maybe finding time to sleep?


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