Monday, March 22, 2010

theatre week: day one + the morning after.

it's spring fever, baby.

Yessiree!! It is the beginnings of Coppelia theatre week, and tonight was the first tech rehearsal. It was so reminiscent to see all the sets up onstage; the last time I did this ballet, I was a little 8th grader in junior company. It's so amazing how much can change, grow, and pass by in such a short period of time. It was my first year in the company the last time we did this ballet, and now I'm a senior company member graduating in a year. Time goes by too fast.

The rehearsal itself wasn't too terrible. It was the first night of theatre week. What else can I say? The stage is spacious for a high school stage which is very nice. Things start to get surreal when it's dress rehearsal. It will be splendid though. Plus, I get to see my prom date's daddy this week because he does photos for our shows! How fantastic is that!

I feel like I always do these check list things whenever it's theatre week, so here we go...
-Time flies when you're onstage.
-Time slows down when your knee is inflamed.
-My left foot is smaller than my right foot. So much smaller. I don't like it.
-Double stoplights are stupid.
-I'm too good at pretending to be mad/sad/happy/interesting. I should've been an actress.
-Christina Perri's music makes my heart melt.
-I've got a major choreo project coming up. And I'm excited.


PS. Dyl's boyfriend/the big brother that I've always wanted, Dave, is in this band called The Morning After. And although I don't approve of many things that they say in this video, I do approve of their sweet music making. So this is what real musicians do: sing into a microphone for hours, talk about Megan Fox's pussy, and dance like leprechauns.
And vote for them to play at Warped Tour at

PPS. Nice filming job, Dyl.

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