Thursday, April 22, 2010

dare to discover.

Tonight, I watched over 100 elementary school and middle school students dancing all together one on stage. All on the beat. All smiling. All having fun. All full out. So rad.

I was an usher for the Minds in Motion "Dare to Discover" performance, and as I escorted many of the parents to their seats, I could tell that they were excited for the show. Some even brought flowers for their child. The sweetest gestures like that let me know that all is still right with the world. Many of us stood by the front doors with fishbowls to collect donations for the program, and there were so many people willing to throw in their spare change and loose bills.
My company director, Pedro, taught many of the students in program. Some days, he comes into the studio totally stressed from the day working with 4th graders. You can see it written on his face. I never really understood what he was going through until I saw the show tonight. Well over 100 children were dancing to the beat, making complicated patterns, and just having a blast to be on such a grand stage. I realized that I would never have the patients to work with so many kids. But Pedro can. I swear, he is Superman. Amazing things Pedro does = directs a ballet company, teaches regular dance classes every week, teaching 4th graders every week, planning for the company, making new headpieces, etc. etc. etc. THE LIST GOES ON! He is truly an amazing man, and he does all of these things out of his love and compassion for others and for the art of dance.

Tonight, I saw the smiles on the childrens' faces that reminded me why dance is such an amazing thing to be a part of. They were doing simple steps, like stomping on the ground, low kicks, clapping, and simple arm movements. But they did it with this energy and zest that was so refreshing and inspiring. Their dedication to every single stomp and clap left me smiling through out the entire show. I was completely and utterly amazed at colorful display of young, grinning, dancing faces because it reminded me that this is how it should be. Everyone should dance like it's the last time they will ever dance. Everyone should love. Talk. Sing. Laugh. Skip. Play. Live. Like it's the last time you ever will.

These kids were fearless. It was so inspiring. And I'm so glad that I got to be a part of this show. What an experience.

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