Saturday, April 24, 2010

downtown for some motown.

Today was the last show of the season!! And what a great way to end the year!! We had an amazing show at the Taubman Museum of Art dancing to the rad musical stylings of Groovuhtational Pull. The singer was feeling a little under the weather today, but she did an amazing job all the same. Just goes to show that dancing + singing are all the same in show biz.

The long, yet fantastic, day began with a couple of hours of hair doing. The 60's hairstyles were super fun, and I didn't have to wear a wig this time!! All natural. Well, kind of - there were tons of hairspray and bobby pins plastered to my head, so I guess it wasn't really all natural. During warm up, Mrs. Munson was pulling people out from class to get fitted for a few costumes for the photoshoot tomorrow. I tried on my "surprise" costume, and it sent shivers down my spine just putting on the costume. It hasn't really hit me yet that I'll be dancing as "her" in less than a year!! I can gladly say that I can almost tell you my big news!! I might be able to drop a few hints tomorrow while I'm getting all dolled up and getting my picture taken at the photoshoot.

We packed things up after warm-up and headed out to the venue downtown. It was a little crazy downtown because there was a marathon going on. I watched as several people crossed the finish line, and I admired them for what they could do. I definitely know that I couldn't run 26+ miles. That's dedication + stamina. And it made my little twirls and kicks look a bit mundane...
Once we were in the theatre, we started marking things on the stage as the band warmed up and did sound check. John and I have done this dance so many times that it's almost 2nd nature. Muscle memory and chemistry take over once the music starts playing. But it's not so typical that we don't enjoy it. Every time we do this dance, we discover more and more about each other and the way each other's bodies work. It's truly amazing. And I think that's what "chemistry" really means between a dance couple.

Glitters, lipstick, eyelashes. We're all ready to do, so the show begins. John was being a little silly nilly goose and freaking out saying that he would forget something. So, there we were backstage feeding off of each others' nerves. As the band finished off the last song, I gave John one last pat on the back, and we walked onstage. It was probably one of the best times we've ever done it. No fumbling hands. No slipping of feet. No steps forgotten. And we were happy.
The show ended with the great finale of "Respect", and everything was fabulous as always. A standing ovation from the audience, and everyone was beaming with confidence and glistening with the sweat of hardwork. The smell of success. Now it was time to party!!

We walked about a block away to a dandy little theatre where we watched a recording of Coppelia. It's a strange thing to watch yourself dance, I think. I, personally, start getting all nit-picky about the little things that I do. I am so harsh on myself when it comes to the way I dance. My arms were weird there. My foot wasn't pointed. My leg wasn't high enough. There's always some fixing to do, but that's one of the best parts of this job. You're always striving for this greater version of yourself. You're only going to get better. You're only going to go up. Never down.

The party was fun with bowls full of candy and hearts full of joy.
It was best way to end the season.
Goodbye, 09-10 season!! You were a crazy one!!

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