Wednesday, April 07, 2010

imaginary love song.

The other night, I spent an hour or two in an empty parking lot with the perfect boy. Playing songs on the guitar under a street light. Trading off songs of our own and jokingly playing old radio songs. And it was a magical night. We were infinite. And I didn't want that night to end. This boy is perfect. To me. And it's almost not fair that we can't be together. But I count my blessings - he's a great friend of mine...

But maybe I'm just writing a bunch of songs about a boy I've never met. And maybe he's writing songs about me too.


This is a song about a boy I've never met
But he's stolen my heart just like a pick-pocket
Holding it in his dirty hands
I'm in love with this man

I don't know his name
I don't know where he came from
All I know is that his lips have yet to be kissed
And that he probably doesn't exist

This is a song about a boy I never knew
I imagine him saying a prayer in a church pew
Hoping that someday, somewhere he'll find the girl
He's been waiting for

Every morning I get ready for him
Hoping we'll be together
Maybe he'll come today, tomorrow, or the next day
I'll be waiting forever

This is a song about a girl with a lonely heart
She loves to take barefoot walks in the park
Listening to the wind
And making up stories of her + him

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