Sunday, April 11, 2010

mission princessible.

The mission: be on prom court 2010.
The fearless adventurer: Bria Ballerina.

I have taken upon myself an inspiring + epic endeavor of getting nominated for this year's prom court. At my school, Homecoming court nominations have put the same people on the final ballot every single time. This makes it written off to be a "popularity contest". And what I want to do is prove that it could be something else. Something much more meaningful.

The ultimate goal is to be this year's prom princess. To represent all the underdogs. To represent all the people who have a few, yet irreplaceable, friends, an affable personality, and big heart that wants nothing but the best of people. To represent all the people who deserve to wear a crown on a special night.

I sat down, planned everything out, and thought about the different reactions and outcomes that could arise by executing this mission, and I counted more good things than bad. I thought how I might be ridiculed for trying to break the status quo, but I realized that this change isn't meant to do any damage to anything. Then I thought about how people wouldn't take me seriously, and I've come to the conclusion that I know my intentions and that I should never have to prove anything to anyone - people that are willing to listen and pay me their attention will and will be greatly appreciated for doing so. I could be called out as an attention-whore or a wannabe. Or I could be looked up to as a revolution and inspirer. I know that I'm not the prettiest or most popular girl in the grade, but I have a great, small group of friends and uplifting intentions. And hopefully that will be enough.

Looking at the plans, it looks virtually impossible, but when I started talking to my friends about it, they were all completely supportive. Your plans, for anything you do in life, are going to start small, but they have to start somewhere. And so, I've got my closest friends spreading the word about writing my name down on the little slip of paper handed out in homeroom on the day of court nominations. And in the end, maybe I'll be on the final ballot (hell, that's an accomplishment there), but I can't take my eyes off the prize of prom princess.

And maybe people will tease, ignore, and reject me.
And maybe others will support, talk, and look up to me.
But isn't that how life always is?



denise* said...

hey, i am a reader from singapore.

just thought i'd leave a message to let you know that your journey in life is inspiring, and encouraging.

continue to live out your dreams, and strive hard for them knowing that there are people who looks at you, and then thinks that just maybe, dreams are not impossible after all.

all the best!


bria ballerina said...

Hi, Denise!

Your words are so kind and encouraging. It's not easy constantly pushing and striving to live my dreams, but it's a life I'm willing to live for.

Thank you for your sweet comment.
And don't ever ever ever give up your dreams :)