Tuesday, April 20, 2010

your heart is the best gps.

"sometimes you go to the wrong place, but the right way comes and finds you." - getting the girl by markus zusak

I met up with a friend today. But on my way to meet him, I got lost. I found myself reading street signs that I've never heard of and passing by houses I've never seen before. To be honest, I didn't think I would find my way out (I'm terrible at directions. And not to mention, our GPS is broken.). But you know what. I did. I got past my feeling of terror of being in a place I've never seen scared + alone and just kept trying to find my way. Of course, we were meeting in front an enormous and recognizable building, so I used its largeness as a guidline as to where I went...but that's not the point.

Sometimes in life, you're going to get lost. Or feel lost. You're going to feel like there isn't a way out. And there isn't a nifty GPS to point out where to go. All you've got is you and your fearless heart. Maybe I didn't really use my heart to find my way to find my friend, but I know that when I've felt lost in life, I definitely used my heart. Sometimes your heart may lead you to a place you've never been or a person you've never met. But this is the way your heart chose, so don't be afraid. A GPS always knows where it's going, so your heart is your GPS for life. Follow it. Don't take a wrong turn. Don't enter in a detour. Listen to it. And you'll reach your destination. So you made it. You're not lost anymore.

After getting lost for about 10 minutes, I spent the afternoon staring at the view of the city skyline on an overcast day with a good friend. We spoke of our favorite words, childhood memories, and our first loves. And maybe I was hoping to find love today, but my heart didn't lead me there.

But the path to love will find me. And I'll plug it into my dandy GPS of a heart...

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