Sunday, May 09, 2010

...and back again.

Phew!! Finally some time to sit down and get some updates to you guys!! This past week has been extremely crazy with studying for the Calculus AP exam and getting ready for "Alice in Wonderland". It involved a lot of driving, scraping up of money, and lost hours of sleep. But it isn't over! This upcoming week is going to be quite busy as well!!

First of all, let me describe the events of this past week...
Friday was the final dress rehearsal for "Alice in Wonderland". This was the first time we've ever ran the entire thing with costumes, makeup, lights, etc. And we were all anxious to get these blue unitards on for the Caterpillar dance. I'm probably the only person in the entire class that thinks that these are the sexiest things ever. I've always wanted a unitard, and leave it to me to get a metallic blue hooded unitard as my first one. I don't find it embarrassing at all; I think it's hot. Although I think they're the coolest thing ever, the unitards look so crazy when there are 30 of us on stage. I couldn't help but giggle a little, but my mom says that it looks really cool from offstage.
These pretty pink costumes were for our jazz dance, which was sassy and sultry. Leave it to Mr. Pedro to make the best jazz dances ever. This is probably the best jazz costume we've ever got for recital. I plan on using it again for another dance sometime! They're so pretty!
What made this performance so memorable was it was my brother's first dance performance ever. He was supposed to be in Nutcracker this past year, but the day of the show, he got sick and was throwing up (poor, kid). So he made up for that by taking boy's class and being in the end of the year recital. He was absolutely adorable - he worked so hard to remember all the steps. He is in a class with older boys that have been dancing for a couple years, and both Pedro and he have been pushing him to do more complicated steps. I was so proud of him. This pretty blue costume was for the ballet piece. It's a beautiful piece, and these costumes look gorgeous onstage. I just love the sapphire color!

Overall, I think that the show went swimingly. There weren't any major problems, and it seems like all the kids had a great time! And I will treasure these costumes forever - especially the caterpillar one, ha.

Today was a very special and lovely Mother's Day. My sister and I sang my mom our own rendition of "Anyone Else But You" by the Moldy Peaches. My papa made a delicious breakfast of pancakes. We then spent the rest of the day stuffing our faces at a Chinese buffet and shopping at Walmart. Best Mother's Day ever? I think so...

This week on my agenda I've got:
-English AP exam
-Talent show
-US History research paper
-catching up on sleep and homework
-company rehearsal
-time to breathe?


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