Saturday, May 22, 2010

feelin' special.

"it brings that 'i'm blue song' to life!"

Today was Valley Dance Production's recital, Past to Present, and John + I were invited to guest dance in the show. We were chosen to do our memorable pas de deux from the MoTown show. We've done this dance so many times that it's so natural to us. Like Pedro says - we move like we're one person. And it wasn't our last time performing this dance! We're performing it again next week at Festival in the Park, and then that will be the last time, ha.

And since we've done this dance so many times, I wasn't nervous at all today (well except for the fact that the floor didn't have any marley on it, so it was super slick. And not to mention that the director of the whole show/school is allergic to rosin. Oh well, I still used some to save my ass). I trust in him so much as my partner that I don't worry about anything anymore. And the funny thing is is that even though we've done this dance so many times, there are still things that need to be improved. And that's the way dance always is. There is always room for improvement, cleaning, and growing. You're always striving for perfection + beauty.

Each dancer at this studio received one of these really cool lanyards with the Performers Pass in it, and I felt super special for getting one even though that I was just a guest artist. And while we were waiting around for the dress rehearsal to start yesterday, John and I found some of these light gels cut in thin strips. So we held them up against our eyes, and they seriously add the coolest effect to everything. I could totally live with blue-vision for the rest of my life and love every moment of it.
Today was a very successful show. Smooth + fun. One last time...

Word about my "big surprise" is starting to spread around the company, which means that I might be able to announce my "big surprise" very very very soon. Pedro keeps talking about it, and I can't help but get nervous and excited at the same time. I'm just so anxious to start learning those 7 variations + 2 pas de deux's...just trying to drop some more hints here ;)


PS. Pedro went gel crazy today on my hair.

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