Sunday, May 16, 2010

hot boys ≠ nice boys.

The other day, I tweeted something along the lines of: "Girls, look at the boy in front of you looking into your eyes. Not the one behind you looking at your ass."

I'm very sorry to say that I'm guilty of looking over the nice and friendly boys right in front of me. There are many of them. The one that holds the door open for you everyday when you get the cafeteria for lunch. The one that asks you how you're doing every time you walk into class. Then there is that one that you know has a big crush on you, and you use that to your advantage by making them get up to get a pencil off the teacher's desk. But recently, I've realized that I'm a hypocrite. I complain and cry about boys taking me for granted. But now that I don't really have a boy on my mind anymore, I looked around and saw how many nice boys there are in my life. I've sadly walked passed, laughed off, and looked over a handful of really nice boys.

There is one in particular that I reconnected with recently. He's a very nice and talented boy that I know has always had a crush on me. I talked to him about the hot boy that I had a crush on and asked him questions, and he kindly gave me information about Mr. Hottie. He would bite his tongue to tell me that I shouldn't like Mr. Hottie, and I could tell that it was hard for him to see me fall for the wrong person. Yet he kept his mouth shut because I was happy.
Mr. Hottie is long gone now, and I look at this nice boy. And I realized that I've taken him for granted. And I'm not very proud of that at all. But what I am proud of is that I'm going to fix things and make things right. I'm going to take out all the evil words and toxic thoughts Mr. Hottie has made me become, and I'm going to give this nice boy a chance. I say that it's never to late for anything.

So, the thing is - look at that boy in front of you. He's really sweet, isn't he? And I bet you he's not that bad looking either. Go for the boys that want to hold your hand. Not your boobs. You don't have to end up dating Mr. Nice Guy. Just don't take him for granted.


PS. check out Keltie's first Blogradio show tonight!!! I'll be calling in, and hopefully she'll answer!!! <3


Loor said...

True, true. I couldn't agree more. I believe we all have one of them. Mine can nag like a girl sometimes, worries too much about college and is definitely not dating material. But he is also supersmart, funny, has great taste in music and looks pretty okay. And I take for him granted a lot more then I should. You're right, you're totally right, thank you for reminding me of that!

Also, on another note: I listened to the podcast of Keltie's radioshow yesterday morning and when I heard you call I had to smile bigtime! And, congrats on getting into the alvin summer program!

bria ballerina said...

Yess!! It's nice to have a nice boy like that around to remind you that not all boys are jerks ;)

But thanks!! I still can't believe that that happened, haha!! Made my life complete! And thank you so much!! I'm sooooo excited for the summerrrr :)