Thursday, May 20, 2010

the lie.

"try to remember the moment when all the stupid innocent things you thought about life and love, all the things you though mattered, all the things you thought were true...try to remember when they all turned out to be lies." - kyle gibson; the lie by chad kultgen

I picked up this book when I was looking for some new Milan Kundera books in Barnes & Noble. The cover caught my eye, so I bought it. And I'm glad that I did. It's a vulgar read and a slap in the face. It's crude truth about young people today is both refreshing + harsh at the same time. It's about 3 young adults starting off in college, and their lives intertwine with lies, sex, booze, drugs, love, and friendship. It's disgusting and intriguing at the same time. And because of the content, I wouldn't recommend this book for readers under the age of 18 (although I am of that age...) and anyone over the age of 40 (I feel as if some of the older generation would be absolutely disturbed + outraged by how the people act in this book. Let alone the language and truth of the story).

And just like every book that I've read, I have found myself in the story. It's easy to find yourself caught up in the story, but is it bad that I find bits and pieces of myself in the characters and plotlines of such vulgar books?

You are Heather.
I am Kyle.

I have fallen for you over and over again, and at this point, I look back and see all the opportunities when I could've just walked away and said "no". I could've saved myself some heartbreak, time, and breath if I just saw the end result - lost. This Kyle-fellow in this book is me - the hopeless romantic falling for the hot shot with a bad reputation but still insists on being with that person and forming a toxic relationship with false happiness in hopes that something magical will happen and it will be a happily-ever-after. You, you are Heather - the hot one that has several admirers and could beckon any of them to be with you at any moment yet you chose to mess with my head and convinced me to think that you really cared about me. Seeing us from outside of us makes me realize how lost I became.

And just like in the book, we all realize that everything that we had based on false hopes and beautiful lies. Beautiful, beautiful lies.

But a lie nonetheless.

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