Sunday, May 30, 2010

the life i love.

Yesterday was the last performance for the company at the annual Festival in the Park celebration that goes on downtown. Festival in the Park is my favorite performance of the entire year because downtown is such a fun venue to perform! So many people come to Festival in the Park for the music, food, fun, and just to enjoy the weather, and when you grab a bite to eat and a chance to chill, in front of the stage is the best place! We performed MoTown once again, and this was the last time John and I performed our pas de deux. We've done it so many times that it felt so strange for it to be the last time! The dance just kept getting better and better over the course of the season, and at the end of this performance, I felt as if it was the best we've ever done it. People told us that it was the sexiest they've ever seen that dance to be. It was truly amazing.

The weather was nice to us and didn't rain which brought a big crowd to hang out underneath the sun and shade of a few trees. But the humidity wasn't so nice to my hair. Mark, the fabulous hairdresser + lover of Pedro, was feeling especially creative yesterday and made me Minnie Mouse. John was happy dance with me seeing that he thought I looked like Queen Amadala from Star Wars. I just felt like a moose. It was truly a challenge taking it out...
The whole show ran smoothly, and we gave the band an opportunity to perform a couple of songs by themself. It's truly amazing to work with a group of talented kids that are my age. It's so refreshing to see other young people passionate about something they're good at and enjoy doing it. The humid weather left everyone glistening with sweat by the end of the show, and by the end, there were a lot more people than there were at the beginning of the show. It was weird to think that this was the end of the season, and next year will be a long list of "lasts" seeing that it's my senior year of high school. But I'll try not to think about that...

The rest of the evening consisted of hanging out with my best ballerina friends, going to the park to take silly pictures, getting kicked out of a concert downtown, girl confession sessions, and not sleeping until 4 o' clock in the morning.

I love this life,

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