Thursday, May 27, 2010

a new project.

Today, I wrote this letter.
It read:

Dear you,

You. Whoever you are. You are wonderful, amazing, beautiful, and loved. And don't doubt that for a second!
Even though you might be having a rough day, keep your chin up!
Tomorrow is a new day.
So put a smile on, give yourself a hug, and do a little dance because life is awesome!

Yours truly, me.

PS. Did I mention you are wonderful?

...more or less. I folded up the confidence-boosting note and left it on the tampon dispenser in the girls' bathroom for a curious girl to pick up and read. I hope that she reads it, smiles, thanks the universe for the life that she has, and have a delightful rest of her day. I came back later in the day to find that the note was gone, so someone has indeed picked up the special note and is carrying it in their pocket.

I'm going to write one of these special letters everyday and leave them in different places around the school. Each day a different letter. A different place. A different person.

I just wish I thought of this earlier in the school year considering that there are only about 10 days left of school. Tear :(

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