Monday, May 31, 2010

not about you.

"waiting hurts. forgetting hurts. but not knowing which decision to take is the worst of suffering." - paulo coelho

Yeah. I've written 100+ blog posts about one single boy who will never love me back. About the first time I fell in love. About the first time he kissed me and stroked my arm. About how he broke my heart and never spoke to me again. About how I cried myself to sleep for months and thought I couldn't make it. About how he came back into my life. About how I was stupid enough to let him back into my life. About how I'm going to love him forever. About how I don't care that things never worked out. So what's it to you?

I'm going to go back and read all my old blog posts to laugh + cry at how pathetic I was/am and see how far I've come. Maybe you will too. But maybe just to laugh.

But stop analyzing my life. And start analyzing yours.
Stop trying to figure out who this boy is. And start figuring out who really matters in your lfie.
Stop saying that I need to stop complaining + whining about how life is treating me.
Because when you wake up every morning being able to tell yourself: "Everything is going exactly how I planned."
Then you can get back at me.

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