Sunday, May 02, 2010

prom = bomb.

That's right, folks!! Yesterday was my exciting prom night!! I have been getting ready for/freaking out about/getting stoked for this for the past month or so. It was such a wonderful and magical night. Definitely more fantastic than I could ever imagine. I spent the evening with my best friends and some of the new friends I made this year, and it was truly special. And although the splendid night began with an icky morning taking the SATs, it all transformed once I started getting ready and such.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so here some of the best pictures from last night!
we're such goofballs together, haha.
this is my best friend. he is a total bro.
the coolest group of people you will ever know.

I still ended up being really short compared to my date, Alex. But let me tell you a little bit about Alex: he's kind of perfect - he plays guitar, lacrosse, writes music and movies, skateboards, loves helping people, and is a good dancer. I think I did a good job on picking a prom date this year as well. Score! We had dinner at this beautiful + fancy restaurant downtown called, Alexander's. Sadly, Alex didn't get a discount because he had the same name as the restaurant. Regardless, the food was absolutely exquisite. I ordered some seared scallops with white truffle creme sauce. Alex got some shrimp étoufée just because he liked to say "étoufée". And although he didn't know anyone in the group except me, Alex did a wonderful job of making good conversation. Not to mention, he taught me a few things about proper dinner etiquette because he went to gentleman training when he was younger, and he still retained every bit of it (I told you he was perfect.)

I was so excited to get to prom because I'm on prom committee, so all I was hoping was that everything would come together as we all planned. The country club looked amazing with all the decorations we ordered, and I was more than satisfied with the way everything turned out. And I think everyone enjoyed the decorations as well, which was exactly what we were going for. Alex was a fantastic dancer, but it was an oven on the dancefloor! Every song or two we had to step outside because it was getting to steamy!

After prom was bomb because Alex and I hit the casino tables, and we tried our hands at blackjack + roulette. And let me just say that I was the only person the entire night to place a bet on the exact number the little ball landed on. Made my night. We got sick from the energy drinks and jumping around on the moonbounces. But that was the whole point! By the end of the night, we were all pretty beat, so Alex took me home. I laid awake in my bed for another half an hour or so because the energy drink hadn't worn off yet, but then I passed out.

There was this feeling I had in my gut all night, and I couldn't put my finger as to why I felt like this. But it reminded me of how I felt at prom last year. And for some reason it was stronger and more painful this year, so I made sure I had a lot of fun with Alex to cover up that hurtful feeling. And it worked. Until I got home. I laid awake in my bed wondering why I'm never good enough for the people I strongly care about, smiled at all the pictures on my camera, laughed at the jokes we told tonight, teared up at the fact that this is just the beginning of the end for you and me, and fell asleep with an amazing memory of prom night <3

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Passionate dancer said...

Aww, that's cute. We don't even have prom down here, in Southamerica x). But well it's cool to know you had a nice time.