Thursday, June 03, 2010

me + my gross armpits.

Dear Channel 7,

It was an exciting afternoon to be dancing around the art galleries of the art museum and having people gawk at the pretty tutu and my pointe shoes, but I didn't like it when your cameras were in my way. And it would've been cool if you stuck around to see the little Girl Scout troop get all giddy when they saw the pink sparkles. But you did manage to put together a very nice story together for the 11 o' clock news nonetheless. And you even got a shot of my gross armpits.
Thank you very much for that.

Yours truly,


Alex said...

You look beautiful.

No worries, we'll be gross armpits buddies :) ur not the only one.

Love Always,

bria ballerina said...

Thanks, Alex.

You're a doll.


Jemmie said...


Wait, who am I kidding? You're always pretty.
But I was just in awe when I saw you in that white tutu. Even if that video only had a couple seconds of you, you were still very gorgeous.
Love you! :)

-Jemmie <3

bria ballerina said...

Ohhh, Jemmieeee!! You are soooo sweet.

Love youuu,

maggieboo said...

omg beautiful!! this is such a great idea too. looks like fun : )

Ariana said...

wow you were on the news! thats so cool! :D
No worries, you looked AMAZING!