Friday, June 25, 2010

fall + recovery.

Today my master class at Ailey was in a modern technique called Limón. It was discovered by José Limón. I've never taken a class that was strictly Limón, but I really enjoyed today's class. I really fell in love with the stylistics and ideas of this technique.
The teacher I had today was absolutely insane - all the best people are. He was yelling crazy things, and he pulled out the raw humanness in all of us. He kept telling us that that it's okay to be a hot mess, but you have to commit to being a hot mess. The way that he told us to embrace our mistakes and our imperfections made me feel so alive and truly human.

He taught us the most important aspect of Limón - fall + recovery. The idea that you can't recover without falling, and you can't fall without recovering. Everything works in opposition, yet everything is connected to something somehow. Some movements are initiated with the hands, and the feet will mimic. You will fall off balance to make balance. You will let your head, the heaviest part of your body, lead you in the right direction without knowing where you're going. You can't go up without going down. There wouldn't be day without night. And he made a very important point by saying that it's just not in the dance world, it also exists out there in the real world.

Trust me, I've fallen flat on my ass both in life and on the dancefloor numerous times. I've made the worst mistakes and slipped in pointe shoes. But just like Limón, I make a recovery. And it's important to learn how. It's going to take a lot of practice, a lot of falling, a lot of crying, a lot of sweating, lots of reading, and maybe a few cans of diet coke to make a recovery.

Trust me, I've been there...

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