Saturday, June 26, 2010

little swan.

Today I saw American Ballet Theatre perform "Swan Lake". Believe it or not, this is only the third ballet I've ever seen (the first two being performed by Richmond Ballet). It was a dream come true being able to see one of the best ballet companies in the world perform one of my favorite ballets. Oh, and did I mention Gillian Murphy danced Odette/Odile this afternoon? I pretty much had a heart attack when I found out about it...

One of my friends came to my dorm room and told me + my roomies that ABT was performing "Swan Lake" today at around 1:15pm. The show started at 2. My roommate and I rushed our little asses out the door to get to the box office. We bought the cheapest tickets available at $25, and we were standing in the very back. I didn't care that I had to stand for about 3 hours straight, I was about to see Gillian Murphy! 
The show was absolutely flawless. Gillian Murphy left me gasping in awe and amazement. It's not just her nearly perfect technique that left me enchanted, but it was also the way she puts so much emotion into every step. And at the moment she started flapping her wings during the fouettes in the Black Swan pas de deux coda, I knew at that moment that she's beyond amazing. Odette/Odile is one of my dream roles, and watching one of my favorite dancers play that role right before my eyes was amazing. The white swan pas de deux brought tears to my eyes. It was beautiful in every single way, and it was truly a dream come true for my little ballerina heart.

Watching the performance today made me realize how far I've come. It was just about 2 years ago that me and three of my closest friends were rehearsing for the Cygnettes (four little swans). And my 4am friend was rehearsing to be Odette. And 2 years later, magical things are happening for all of us. We've grown as human beings and artists and dancers. It makes me smile and how far we've all come as a company of young, aspiring dancers. And it's just about to get better...but I'll save that for tomorrow.


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