Monday, June 07, 2010

nothing lasts.

"all things end." - brett keller; from the lie

Today was the last day of junior year.
Today was a fun day.
Today was the last day of school with you.

Today I brought my guitar to school only to have several jam sessions with other musicians at the school. We had a lot of fun just creating silly tunes and playing songs together. I can't even count how many times we played "Hey, Soul Sister" today. Too many, that's for sure. But it was such a great thing to do bring out the end of the year!

This year has been a crazy one. So much has happened, been broken, changed, disappeared, been created, and found. It's truly amazing how one person can grow so much, two people can become so close, two people can grow apart, one person can change your life with a single word, a group of people can be called your best friends forever, all in just a single school year. As the year went on, I couldn't help but think that I have only one year left of grade school, and today made it so real. As soon as that final bell rang, I was a senior. Just like that. And I cheered along with my fellow classmates as we stormed out of the school as the next top dogs of the high school. It's so strange to think that the next time I'll be going to school it will be my "Last First Day of Grade School". How insane...
But sadly, all things end. Especially the good things. So here's to you, Junior Year. You were a great one. You fucked me over with your insane schoolwork, made me make a fool of myself at sporting events, allowed me to be less insecure resulting in some new + great friends, and left me completely exhausted in the end. You were an unforgetable and special year. But good riddance!!!

So now that school is over, I've got one big pressure off my life. Just for the summer at least. Because now I'm going to be getting ready for the one and only Alvin Ailey Summer Program!! I've been receiving e-mails the past couple of weeks from the school notifying me when I'll get my roommate assignments, what to bring, what I can expect for the first week, et cetera et cetera...And I can't help but giggle in excitement of the summer to come! What I've received most recently is that I'll be checking into the Fordham University dorms on June 19th! Which is in approximately 12 days! In the meantime, I'm taking classes throughout the week to keep in shape, as well as buying summer necessities such as good books, new bathing suits, and new music.

Summer 2010 is my new best friend.

i don't know why we're created.
but i know that, i know we all die...
i just do as i do.
yeah, i do as i please.
and that's all i can do.

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