Monday, June 21, 2010


Hello hello, everyone!! It's day number three in NYC, and I still can't believe I'm here. I'm sitting in the living room area next to a window that looks out into the streets of the city, and I still can't believe I'm here. I've waken up the past three days, including today, looked out the window, and just took a breath in awe at where I am.

I've fallen in love with a city. Not a boy.

I've gotten myself into a few troubling adventures just within the past two days here. My first day, I was in total tourist mode. I tried not to be, but I couldn't help it. All the times I've been to New York, I've never been to this side of the city - we always stopped at about Times Square. So being here for 6 weeks is a dream come true, and I'm going to take advantage of the city as much as possible.
I arrived here on Saturday afternoon, and my mom was quick in and quick out. She helped me unpack a little, and she was out of here. I set my room up a little bit then I realized I had some last minute grocery shopping to do, so I took a look at a map and left to explore what was close by. I walked myself over to Columbus Circle (AMAZING) with my big ass camera around my neck (I told you I was in tourist mode!) and went to the Whole Foods in the Time Warner Center. I bought some eggs, soy milk, bread, and green tea. After making my purchase, I started walking back to the dorms...or so I thought. I found myself on 55th St completely lost, but then I realized that all I had to do was turn around. Thankfully, I was only 5 blocks away from the dorms, so it wasn't a terrible walk back. But it was a little nerve-wracking for one of my first experiences in NYC by myself, ha.

Then on Sunday, I almost died. So here's the thing...There's this amazing + wonderful thing called Bikram Yoga. For those who don't know, Bikram Yoga is an intense yoga class in a room that's 100+ degrees. My roommate and new friends (yes, I can make new friends) decided to give Bikram Yoga a shot, so we went to one of the studios and signed ourselves up for a class. The class was a 90 minute class, and I lasted only half way through of 45 minutes. Why? Because my muscles locked up, and I started hyperventilating. It was too much for my body to handle. The first 30 minutes felt good - I was dripping sweat getting good stretches. But then my last 15 minutes in there were hell - I lost feeling in my face, feet, and fingers. But Bruce, the beastly instructor, dragged me out of the room onto the balcony, in the fresh air, and poured ice cold water all over me. He forced me to drink a whole bottle of smartwater and this amazing drink called Zico.

 It's tasty AND good for you. It's the new drink of the champions. After I gulped down one of these, I got moving! It's a magical elixir, I swear. Get into it.

Today was placement classes at the Alvin Ailey studios to figure out what levels I'm in. Walking into the Ailey studios this morning was surreal. It was breathtaking. I was walking in the same halls that AA company dancers walk through everyday before rehearsals. The studios are beautiful, and I had to remember to breathe because I caught myself holding my breath as I continued to look around the building. I even saw that one guy from SYTYCD!!! I believe his name was Edward (maybe Edmund?), but he had auditioned this year, but was later cut. He was just hanging around the halls talking to some of the students, and I was freaking out on the inside. It's a dancer thing...but after the placement classes this morning, I ended up getting into Ballet IV (out of 6 levels) and Horton I and Graham I. I'm totally not bummed out about being in the lowest levels for Horton + Graham because I have never trained in pure Horton or pure Graham. All the modern I've taken has always been a mixture of every technique, and it will be so great to be able to train in both in their purity. I'm here to learn, and I'm going to learn so much. Unfortunately, because of my low levels of Horton + Graham, I'm unable to audition to be in a repertory workshop to perform at the end of the program. Big bummer. But I know that these modern classes are going to kick my butt. But let me tell you - you always see those Alvin Ailey men walking around totally RIPPED. When I was there today, all the demonstrators lived up to that image. They were all so built and muscular, and I knew that I was in the right place.

My roomies and I went out to Times Square this evening to see it at night. One of my roommates is Austrian and has never been to NYC until now, so she has to see everything. And even though I've seen Times Square several times before, it seemed especially beautiful tonight. I'm telling you. I'm simply in love with this city. I don't ever want to leave...

 roomies <3

We're going back to the Ailey studios tomorrow to get our schedules made. And the rest of the week is filled up with master classes at the studios. But in my free time, I'm going to, other than be awestruck by the city, get my booty over to Steps on Broadway to get a Steps card and Broadway Dance Center to get a card there as well. Like I said, I'm in New York for 6 weeks!! I have to take advantage of all the opportunities around here because they're endless.

I had a chance to get behind the webcam earlier today, but for those who missed it, here it is! I'm looking a little rough after placement classes and maybe a little boring. But I will gladly do more of these webcam show type things if you guys are up for it!
I also got this app on my iPod where I can text for free, and I have a special number. And I thought it was a great way for you guys to send me questions while I'm on camera! So feel free to text me for any reason!! But like I said, it's not my real number, so don't try to call it. Get at me at (434)-535-6384!!

Off I go! The city is calling...


patrice said...

OMG you are so lucky ^__^

I wish I stuck with dance when I was younger but I became all tom boyish and thought it was stupid.

I wish I had an amazing life like you with opportunities like that.

Well congrats, live life to the fullest, and have fun.


Patrice (who is very jealous of your awesome-ful life! >__<)

bria ballerina said...

I am lucky. But so are you! And let me tell you something - if you still want to dance, go for it!!! It's never too late to start something like dance. It will be great, I just know it.

And don't want my life. Want your life. Love YOUR life. Fall in love with your life, and you will find happiness.


eizzil89 said...

i am completely in love with the denim dress you had on in those photos.

enjoy your time in NYC. i wish that i could go there sooner.

bria ballerina said...

Thanks!! I am obsessed with that dress, haha.

You should definitely come here soon. The city is waiting for you!! :)