Thursday, June 10, 2010

single digit.

Oh my goodness!! We're down to single digits, my friends!! NINE days until NYC!! I'm starting to feel a little frazzled because I haven't gotten new pointe shoes, bought some bedding/kitchen supplies/toiletries/food/etc. for my dorm, or hung out with some great friends. I need to do ALL of those things before I leave, which is apparently a lot sooner than I think!!

My first few days of summer have not only consisted of booming techno music, but I've also spent some quality time with my guitar. I wrote a new song, and it's been MONTHS since I've written a song. And it feels great to get creative with music again. Here I am obsessing over this song...

I'm leaving for Baltimore tomorrow afternoon. My mother wants me to meet a couple of her friends that live in NYC just in case I need anything immediately while I'm up there for the summer. I find out my roommate assignments on Monday! I already know one of my roommates because we put in a request to be roommates together! I went to Richmond with her last summer, and it was extremely crazy that we ended up going to Ailey together. I'm not complaining though because we're going to have a blast in the big apple!!


PS. I love all of you. I really really really do <3

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