Thursday, June 17, 2010


I'm leaving for Baltimore tomorrow, and I'm still not completely packed. I've got tons more laundry to do, more shopping to do, more packing to do...and I've got less than 24 hours to do it all. I have no idea how I'm going to do it. Thank goodness for mothers though.

Today, I opened up my first banking account. Got my first debit card. And let me tell you, I am SO tempted to do some crazy online shopping that I've been wanting to do but couldn't because of my lack of credit or debit card. But now that I have one, it's TOO tempting to blow all my money on Sugar + Bruno gear as well as cute Urban Outfitters stuff. It's just too tempting for a 16-year-old shopoholic...

The next time I'll be posting, I'll probably be in NYC already!! It's all just unbelievable, and I'm just as excited as you guys are. Okay, maybe a little more. But super ecstatic for sure.

Goodbye, home!
Hello, New York City!


Big said...

W O W! Congratulations on this great experience. New York is amazing, I have only been there on vacation and I had so much fun. I bet this will be 10x the fun because it will almost be like you live there. So jealous! I wish I was able to do some theater workshop-thing there because theater is my passion.

Congrats on living out your dream!

bria ballerina said...

OOhh, thank you!! I love NYC, and I've been there several times on vacation as well. But it only took one time for me to fall in love with the city. But I can't wait to pretend that I live in the city ;)

You should really look into some theatre summer workshops because I'm sure there are TONS!! Go for it!! Summer is the best time!!

Thanks for reading!