Sunday, June 13, 2010

the week.

T-minus 6 days until NYC/the best summer ever.

As strange/lame/depressing/exciting as it sounds, I'm going to start over in the Big Apple this summer. I'm leaving everything behind - my mistakes, false hopes, pipe dreams, and you - and starting all fresh. The way I look at it is, I'm going to be sad, very soon. I'm going to know the truth, very soon. I'm going to fall out of love, very soon. And to beat the sadness + heartbreak all of this is going to bring, I need to get ahead and get happy. Kill it with my happiness, as Keltie's saying goes with a little twist.
Starting fresh means I'm going to be meeting new people, making new friends, rediscovering/creating myself, falling in love with new people/things/ideas/places/music, stop thinking about you/what we had/our memories everyday and before I go to sleep every night, moving on, and finding other things that make me happy. It's going to be fantastic.

This week is going to be a crazy one consisting of:
-hanging out with as many friends as possible
-buying about 5 pairs of pointe shoes
-figuring out what I want to bring
-figuring out what I'm going to be eating during my stay in NYC since I won't have my mom's yummy home cooking
-stocking up on teas
-cuddling up with my pup as much as possible before I have to leave him
-reading "Shoplifting from American Apparel" by Tao Lin. It's delicious.

NYC here I come!!

PS. This is the cutest cover I have ever seen/heard.


Loor said...

I definitely agree that it's good to start fresh sometimes. I plan on having an amazing summer with my friends and afterwards I want to find a great job and start anew somewhere. Not sure yet where life will take me though.

But I wish you an amazing summer in NY (hope you still have the time to keep us posted every now and then...)!
Oh, and love the new layout, it looks great!

bria ballerina said...

That's great!! We both shall start fresh this amazing summer of 2010, yeah? ;)

But I would never leave you guys out on all the adventures I'm going to get myself into this summer, haha!

The new layout is very different, but it's definitely growing on me. Thanks :)