Saturday, July 03, 2010

calen kurka.

Tonight I took a contemporary class from the incredible Calen Kurka.
I learned so much in tonight's class about my body and the way it's meant to move. Let me start off by saying that Calen is a genius. He knows so much valuable information, and it was such an honor being able to sit there and soak it all up. He brought in a skeleton and explained to the class the safest position for your body to be in at all times when you're dancing. It was so interesting. I've always known that it was important that dancers should know names of important bones, muscles, and ligaments and how they all work together. But Calen made me realize that I still need to learn more. He used the skeleton, gracefully named Susie Swayback, to show us how our bodies should be. And at that moment, I realized that I was using the wrong muscles, I was thinking about the wrong movements, and I need to do what Calen was telling us to do to fix that all. 

After showing us, he told us to do it. And tonight, I realized that I had more turn-out than I thought I did because I was doing what Calen taught us to do. I was surprised with myself, and I was glad that I finally figured out how to use my muscles properly. It was strengthening and refreshing to fell myself getting strong in the correct way.

And when it came time for the combination, he told us, "Make discoveries...I want you to walk off the dancefloor and not remember what you just did." 
And I did just that. I discovered that you don't have to be given choreography to know what to do, sometimes your body just knows. I stopped looking in the mirror, and I started feeling my body's placement. It was a different feeling, but it felt great all the same. I'm learning so much from all these different teachers, and tonight helped me fix a lot of problems I've had as a dancer.

So when you get a chance to take a different class, take it. Do it for the sake of learning and growing. You're going to be glad that you did.

ps. I think I'm going to audition for his company once I'm old enough......?

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