Saturday, July 17, 2010

greenwich village.

Before I left for NYC, he told me that if I ever wanted to get lost in the city that I should go to Greenwich Village. I went there today, and I wasn't lost at all. Sure, the streets were confusing at times, but not at a single point did I ever feel lost. So, yet again I proved that everything he says isn't entirely true...but I love the feeling of Greenwich Village - the never-ending row of little shops, boutiques, and restaurants. It's more downscale, as far as city lights and skyscrapers, than the rest of the city. In one of those boutiques I found my homecoming dress, and in another one I replaced my claddagh ring (the other one snapped in half). So I would say that today was a pretty successful day.

Next weekend is practically my last weekend here because the weekend after that is when we all pack up leave to go back home. It all went by too quickly!

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