Saturday, July 31, 2010

i'm a new york city girl at heart.

In 6 weeks I've:
-gotten shin splints from walking all around the city.
-finally got the hang of the subways after getting on the wrong ones several times.
-managed to make 2 metro cards with 10 rides on each last me this entire time. Even with all the wrong trains I've taken.
-gotten used to checking the menus outside of restaurants to check the prices before walking in.
-made speed-walking my only pace. My family couldn't keep up with me just the couple of days that they were here!
-sang my heart out in Central Park in my bikini.
-met one of the most beautiful Rockettes in a ballet class and even got to have lunch with her.
-seen ABT perform twice. Two more times than I could ever dream of.
-seen Phantom of the Opera twice. Once again, my dreams came true when I least expected them to.
-realized that I don't really like Graham modern all that much.
-discovered that I'm a better dancer when I don't wear tights. Or so I think.
-met a boy that loves every part of me. Even my greatest mistakes that I can't ever forgive myself for. But he's back home waiting for me.
-found that sitting in the middle of the crazy Columbus Circle at 11 o' clock at night with the perfect weather is one of the most relaxing and sweetest things in this world.
-discovered that although dancers may seem competitive at times, we're all truly family. And that's why I love NYC so much. I'm surrounded by so many people that understand me, want to beat me, and still believe in me all at the same time. We're all after the same dreams, but we're all there for each other because we all know how difficult this life is. But that's why we've got each other. I'm going to miss this place.

And in one day:
-I've managed to see Brad Pitt filming a movie. My life is just a little more complete now.

Only in NYC...<3

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