Wednesday, July 07, 2010

i'm too busy for love.

me: "what are you texting me for? you're busy. i shouldn't be on your mind that much!"
him: "sometimes i can't help it."

I always thought that being so busy with dancing and school would keep me distracted from boys and relationships. I always thought that if I was stressing out about steps to a variation or the rules of integration then I wouldn't have time to stress over boys. And since my heart had been so wrapped up in a bad thing for so long, it was too busy trying to mend itself that it didn't have time to get ready for something new.

And it's strange how being 470 miles away from home can still bring me close to someone. And everyday he's making me realize that you should never be too busy for love. He was at orientation for the the college he's attending in the fall, but he wasn't too busy to text me to tell me how it's going. And when I was being my usual self - subconsciously pushing him away by telling him that he shouldn't think about me all the time - he told me that he couldn't help it and wanted to talk to me.

So maybe I shouldn't hate distance as much as I say I do...

PS. Reason #298 he's perfect: he loves Wakey!Wakey! too <3

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