Saturday, July 10, 2010

inspired by a little show biz.

Today my roomies and I took advantage of our day off to take a little trip down to Chinatown on the way to see the Rochester City Ballet perform at Pace University. We had received an email saying that as dancers we can get into the show for free, and it sounded like a good opportunity to get out of the dorms so we planned our day and were out into the city!

After having a scrumptious and affordable dinner in Chinatown, we walked over to Pace University to watch the show. None of us has heard of the Rochester City Ballet before, but by their group picture on the program we could tell that they were pretty fierce. And after reading some of the company member bios, we were finding out that a lot of these dancers had great training - University of Arizona, Miami City Ballet, Houston Ballet, Boston Ballet, etc. etc.
And as soon as they started their first piece, I could tell that we were in for a good show. The choreography was incredibly fresh, and the dancers all had beautiful lines and technique. Their hard work definitely showed off in their performance, and I was left feeling completely inspired.

At one point, the director came out to tell us that there had been a head injury and that the dancer was being taken to the hospital for stitches. But the show would still go on. I was in shock and worried about the fallen dancer, but the dancers still came out with all the same performance level and stage presence as if they weren't missing a dancer on stage. It reminded me of the true lesson of show business: "The show must go on." 

The choreography tonight was seriously incredible. It was very new and creative, and after the show I didn't want to do anything else but choreograph and dance. And it made me look forward to one of my future goals of becoming a choreographer and creating my own dance company. The performance tonight made me want to get into a studio with a bunch of dancers with open minds and create my vision on them. It was truly eye opening and exhilarating to watch such an enthusiastic and creative company.

This one piece, "LumaVoce", was the most creative dance piece I have ever seen in my life. You have to be in the theatre to get the best effect of this dance, but it gave me chills. It was so mindblowing. It almost made me mad that I didn't come up with it first, ha. The use of the shadows and light made for the coolest effect of the whole dance.

Another piece that really got to me was called "How to Break A Heart". It was a wonderfully choreographed concept that left me in tears. The sadness and yucky feeling of heartbreak was felt by everyone in that audience through this piece. And the very last few lines of the spoken word that they danced to went a little something like this: "How to break a heart. It's easy. Anyone can do it." 

And I cringed at the truthfulness of those words.
And I wanted him to eat those words.
While I wanted to dance them.

Get inspired. 

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