Thursday, July 22, 2010

lunch with shu.

You see that lovely lady up there? I had the delightful honor of having a very relaxing and scrumptious lunch with her this afternoon. That is Ms. Nicole Schuman, and I had a lunch date with her. I was a little frazzled having just ran from a ballet class, but I made it in one piece, so that's all that matters. We had lunch at this adorable little cafe called the Peacefood Cafe (on 82nd and Amsterdam. Get into it.).

We chit-chatted about what kinds of dancers and people we are, our backgrounds, and our hopes for the future. It was really nice to sit down with another dancer that completely understands with all the knowledge of living in the concrete jungle and trying to make it. She told me about her busy and exciting life as a hungry artist and dancer in this day and age. And it made me both excited and unsure of what was in store for me for my future. She gave me little tid bits of advice for future references as we nibbled on our desserts. We bonded over trying to figure out how to split the bill, and then we parted ways.

Have you ever walked away from a situation and asked yourself, "did that really just happen?" That happened to me today with the wonderful lunch with Nicole, and it's been happening a lot since I've been here in NYC. I will never doubt the magic of this city.

PS. I was strutting through the streets of NYC to this song...

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