Friday, July 30, 2010

performance day.


"say, 'bada bada bidi bidi bidi!'"

Today was the end performance for the Alvin Ailey Summer Intensive 2010. It all came too quickly, and we were all in disbelief at how far we all had come.
I performed a West African piece choreographed by the amazing Maguette Camara. It was only 6 weeks ago that I was just getting used to the way the African steps and movement felt on my body. And it's 6 weeks later that we all feel like we've been dancing West African long enough to put on a hot performance. My usual pointe shoes, tights, and tutus were replaced with bare feet, biker shorts, and a lapa. I might not be an African dancer by nature, but I sure as hell made it look like it.

Ms. Shu told me on our lunch date that "versatility is one of the greatest tools a dancer can have in their toolbox." Being able to perform fullout in a West African piece as if it was a difficult ballet variation is what will make one dancer stand out in a million. I'm definitely adding the funness (yes, I just said "funness") of West African dancing to my resume, and put all the fun memories I've made in that class/workshop in my box of dance memories.

I've only got a couple more days here in the city, and I'm already starting to get sad. I'm realizing something as I get older: when you get in a situation, you don't ever see the end. Whether it's the beginning of a ballet class or a new school year, you never see yourself at the very end of it all. Starting these 6 weeks, it felt like I was going to be here forever. I never imagined myself packing up all my clothes and saying goodbye to my favorite teachers at Broadway Dance Center. I never imagined falling so in love with a city that I almost don't want to go home.

Just like Nicole said, "Everything goes by fast in this city...but the city will always be here."

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