Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Everything happens for a reason.

Today, one of my roommate and I got all dolled up to go, hopefully, win a couple of tickets to see American Idiot the Musical (for you kiddies that are taking a trip up to NYC anytime soon and want to try your lucky hand at winning here's the link). In our fancy outfits and high heels, we started our trek of 16 blocks to the St. James Theatre. About 5 blocks down, we realized that our feet were suffering from the cute heels we thought we loved before we left the dorm room. We had already past a subway station, so it was too late to hop on a train. And neither of us had enough cash for a cab, so we continued our painful journey down to 44th St. In the process, my flowy skirt flew up from my little legs scurrying down the street revealing my booty to all of New York City. But for some reason, I felt like that has happened to every girl that has lived here.

The entire time my roommate and I were complaining about the heat and the blisters forming on our already-hurting feet, we accepted the fate that we have been given. For whatever reason, we were meant to walk - not take the subway or a taxi. As we kept walking, we realized that taking a taxi would've been completely pointless because it was rush hour leaving no room for the cars to get anywhere, so walking was really our best bet. We both panted out why we thought we were meant to walk, and it came to this, "God and the Universe wanted us to walk today because we want these tickets. We were meant to get nasty blisters and get all sweaty just so that sitting in the front row of American Idiot will be all worth it."

We got to the theatre and placed our lottery tickets into the bucket, but we had a little time to kill. We headed over across the street to check how much tickets for Phantom of the Opera were just for future reference. The cheapest tickets were $26.50 for standing (totally in my price range). We liked the idea of paying under $30 to see one of the most classic Broadway shows, but we headed back over to American Idiot with hopeful hearts.
In the end, we didn't hear our names called. Of course it was disappointing, but just like we had said on the way to the theatre, "Everything happens for a reason." 

But after we limped away from the theatre in disappointment and envy, we were wondering why we hadn't won the tickets. And it hit us...we were meant to see Phantom of the Opera tonight. It was both of our first times ever seeing a Broadway musical, and Phantom is one of the most classic. Even if we were standing, we were going to see the longest running musical ever on Broadway. It's momentous even if it meant leaning on a railing behind all the best seats in the theatre. So we bought our tickets and became all giddy at the thought of seeing our first Broadway musical.

Once we got into the Majestic Theatre, we stood by our rails. We both kicked off our heels and took a sigh of relief, and we waited for the show to begin. My roommate noticed that there were two empty seats in right in front of us, and she brought up the idea of trying to sit there. Me, not wanting to cause any trouble, rejected the idea immediately; I thought that being in there already was good enough, and trying to sit there without permission could possibly get us in trouble. And at that moment, when I was scolding her about her idea being completely against the rules, an usher came over to the two of us and asked if we would like to take those two seats in front of us. And of course we took them. That usher is an angel. So my roommate and I saw Phantom of the Opera, sat in orchestra seating, but only paid for standing. How perfect of a night does that sound?

So we saw Phantom. We were both bawling at the pure beauty of the musical. And we were both in awe at how God and the Universe decided to work tonight. It was an incredible show and a truly magical night...

"seal my fate tonight. i hate to have to cut the fun short, but the joke's wearing thin. let the audience in. let my opera begin!" - the phantom

PS. If you're in NYC next week, come to the Ailey Summer Sizzler Showcase next Thursday! Tickets start selling today! Hope to see you there!

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