Saturday, August 21, 2010

christmas in august?

pedro: "i was dreaming about this july, and i knew it was going to happen."

Through this company, I've learned that there's no such thing as starting to work on something to early. Today was our first company rehearsal of the season, and it was great to be back with my SVB family. But a few things were a little different this time around - there were new faces in the company and the older girls that I've always looked up to weren't there anymore. And I realized that it was my other fellow senior girls and me that were the older girls now. We were the ones that the younger ones are really looking up to now. And still, I couldn't believe it. It really still hasn't set in that I'm a senior this year!

We started working on one of the most complicated + challenging dances in Nutcracker - the snow scene. I never thought I would be hearing Nutcracker music this early in the season, but leave it up to Pedro to start things early. And I'd like to give a shout-out to Michael, one of the pianists at Ailey, who played nothing but Nutcracker music during our pointe classes. So, thanks, Michael, for preparing me for the early Nutcracker rehearsals that were waiting for me back home...

We even started the new Celebration piece that we will be performing at the Dance Festival in October. It's going to be danced en pointe, which means we will be doing all this stopping en pointe rather than character shoes. As Pedro would say, my "toes will be barking".

Next week, we'll continue on with our Nutcracker + dance festival rehearsals. And I'll even get to work with my two friends that will be a part of my choreography project. I will be creating a partnering piece that I will record on tape and send in for a scholarship. I've created a story. Got the music. Created some movement. And got my dancers. Now I'm just ready to get some werk done.

School in 2 days?! Doesn't even feel like it...

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