Friday, August 27, 2010

football, choreography, and raving.

Tonight was our first football game of the season, and it was a sad sad loss for my school's team. I was almost sure that we were going to beat Patrick Henry, but when I arrived to the field, I realized that we don't have the same team as last year. Although it seems as if we've lost some of our best players to colleges, I truly admire how this year's team really focuses on teamwork rather than letting one person make all the plays. Although tonight's loss was quite brutal, we're not giving up! Our student sections, band, and school spirit is still best out of all the schools in the area, so the other schools have got nothing on us! Bring it on!!

Tomorrow, I get to start my choreography scholarship project with my friends, Courtney + John. I'm really looking forward to working with them because I think they're two of the best in our company at the moment. And even though I will be choreographing on them and teaching the movement, we're still on the same level. I'm really nervous about teaching them what my crazy mind has concocted, but it will all be exciting in the end!

Also, tomorrow evening is the rave I've been stoked about for the past month or so. Real lights, real dancing, and real techno music. It's going to be live! And two weeks from tomorrow is Homecoming, eep! I'm still going strong date-less, but I'm not letting it bring me down!

Busy busy busy...

PS. Getting pumped for the rave!! I freaking love Bassnectar. Get into it.

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